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Joke Challenge

Hi, my name’s Caleb.

I’ve had a brain tumour since I was nine, which has made things pretty hard at times. I tell jokes to help keep me happy, and I want to challenge you to help me make all of New Zealand laugh.

Through my sickness, I’ve found that humour has really helped me in getting through some of the tough stuff.
When I say humour, I mean jokes. I reckon I’m a bit of an expert on jokes. I’ve got all the best ones about poo and toilets and stuff.

I tell jokes to help keep me happy, as well as making the nurses and other kids, like me, in my ward crack up. Lots of laughs helps heaps!

Anyway, along with my friends at Child Cancer Foundation, I’m trying to find NZ’s best jokes. We’re going to create a book and publish it later this year … but we really, really need your help. While I’ve got lots of cool jokes, I don’t think I’ve got enough to fill a whole book, so I was hoping you might share your best ones with me.


I’d like you to share your best (or worst) joke in the form below or on social media

The funniest jokes will make my book, which we reckon will be the best joke book NZ’s ever seen! I’m going to call it something awesome like ‘Caleb’s Crack Up Book of Jokes’, or maybe ‘Caleb’s Choice Book of Jokes’. I haven’t quite decided on a name yet.

And if you can also make a donation to Child Cancer Foundation that would be awesome cos they helped me and my family heaps!

Thanks Caleb

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Let us know your best joke by completing the form below. We can only accept one entry per email address so try think up your best joke before submitting.

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I’d love it if you could tell your best jokes on social! Make sure you add the #calebsjokechallenge and tag us in



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